We all need to eat dinner every night. And feeding your family is the most primal of needs. But the more you feed them, the more they grow. And the more they grow, the more food they need. It can be a stressful, vicious cycle. 

You don’t need to make them dinner from scratch every night. Let’s not get crazy here. And no one can deny the satisfaction of chicken nuggets & chardonnay. But it’s nice to have an ongoing selection of recipes for real weeknight meals that you can pull from when the mood strikes you. 

Toby Lowenfels lives in Culver City, California with her husband and three kids. She's spent the past year going through recipes with the Two-Bite Test: If at least one of her kids takes at least two bites of a dinner, it makes the cut. 

Now, she’s collected all of the winning recipes—dinners that can be prepped in under 20 minutes—and is sending them out in weekly menus, which will arrive in your inbox every Saturday.